coffee cup with coffee 3.jpg9a728c1e-ac39-4fb1-b2a6-853240171d9bLargerCuban Coffee Cure

The aroma of a wonderfully rich, warm freshly brewed cup of coffee triggers various expressions in us. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the day God created…the coffee bean.

Who would have ever thought that such a small bean could hold such glorious flavor and give off such a pleasant aroma? It has brought even the strongest of wills to succumb, taking breaks from their beloved work to partake. Oh, and when the first sip is taken, it’s like you have been transported to an relaxing tropical island get away. Everything is serene and calm. It’s just you and your brew. Loss of words come into play where only onomatopoeias such as AH or MMM are the expressions that immediately come from our mouths. There are the occasional BAM! and POW! that transpire as well. Especially, when someone tries to cut the long morning line of coffee connoisseurs at the coffee shop, who are already experiencing dozens of gene expressions triggering in their brains just by inhaling the smell of this rich “black gold”, as some have called it.

It’s true! Scientific studies have found that dozens of expressive genes are triggered, even protein expression genes are changed just by coffee aroma. This has been found to reduce the stress of sleep deprivation. I know some of you may be thinking…well, let me inhale deep. Inhale and exhale. Again, inhale and exhale. Feeling them trigger in your brain?

A coffee that certainly creates such sensations, which I am partial to, and is the true “black gold” is La Llave Cuban coffee. Not knocking others, like I said this one I am partial to. The name is so befitting, The Key. When you open this coffee and take a whiff, those dozens expression genes that the scientists talk about are activated and La Llave goes to work, unlocking the door to your brain and BAM! they kick in all at once.

Cuban coffee has had it’s own beneficial health discoveries….cures have been found….oh yes, cures my friend! Just take a look at the long list below, to name a few….it is phenomenal! And I am thankful to God for this coffee, truly.

Cuban coffee cures…

A Dead beat social life
Pulls/ draws family together, closer
Increases energy….Makes you feel alive
Unclogs tummy…constipation
Helps to discuss problems, passion, politics
Sweetens moods
Brews positive ideas
Bookstore grief
It also clears your mind…as one person said, “you can even see into the future”

So as you are waking up, taking a stroll, or driving remember the brain is a terrible thing to waste…go have that rich, warm and healthy cup of coffee. Make it part of your incentive to get out with a friend and see some of those cures come into play in your life today.

Check out this video on YouTube and enjoy you coffee.

By Alponte29

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