Puerto Rico Rising through Resiliency & Solidarity Campaign

Less than 2 1/2 years after Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, it is now facing another humanitarian crisis.  A 6-4 magnitude earthquake and on-going back-to-back aftershocks has once again brought the island to its knees.  Imagine the fear, anxiety and panic as to what to do, where to go when the earth beneath you is constantly shaking.   In a span of two weeks, the people of Puerto Rico have experienced over a thousand tremors.

The International Society of Black Latinos in partnership with Compassion for the Caribbean, Africana Encounters and Kelvin Sauls Enterprises is fund raising to specifically help the indigenous population of Puerto Rico, the Concilio Taino Guatu Ma Cu a Boriken.  The Tainos are the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico, and contrary to popular opinion, Guyanilla, a small community was thriving in the Southwestern part of Puerto Rico, the epicenter of the earthquakes.  Most of the community structures in their village have been demolished, first by Hurricane Maria and now by the earthquakes.    Afraid to remain in their crumbling homes, families are forced to sleep outside.  Some families have lost everything since their homes have completely collapsed.

We ask that you give what you can so that we can help this vulnerable community rebuild and thrive.  The funds will go directly to the community for food, water, clothing, medicine and repairing their structures.

Let’s come together to make a difference.  Thank you in advance for your help.


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