Creando consciencia de la existencia de personas que son de herencia  Afro-Latina, honrando a nuestras culturas ricas y diversas.  Educando y uniendo a nuestras comunidades a travésde la Diversidad, el Desarrollo del Liderazgo, la Inclusión y el Arte.


Creating awareness of the existence of people who are of Afro-Latino heritage by honoring our rich and diverse cultures. Educating and uniting our communities through Diversity, Leadership Development, Inclusion and the Arts. 

I = Identifying Oneself     S = Social Issues     B = Building Character     L = Leadership Development

You don’t want to miss our 2018 upcoming event. Save the Date!!      “1943 Afro-Cuban Jazz Invades New York” is an educational musical journey that begins in Africa then takes you to Havana and ends in New York.  Learn about the culture, the people and most importantly, the history and contributions Afro-Latinos have made and continue to make in our society. This event will feature Afro-Cuban Jazz beginning in 1943 to today’s Salsa. Experience the Dance (Mambo, ChaChaCha, Salsa, Rueda de Casino) of yester-year and today, Poetry and more! Our Musical Director is 3 times Grammy Award, Oscar Hernandez and Dance Choreographer Director, Kati Hernandez.

We are excited to give scholarships to students making a difference in our communities and in education.

2018 Honorees

Our Sponsors:  US Bank, Union Bank, Toyota, Beyond Cuba Travel, Cuba Travel Services, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Marimar Travel & Tours



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