Creando consciencia de la existencia de personas que son de herencia  Afro-Latina, honrando a

nuestras culturas ricas y diversas.  Educando y uniendo a nuestras comunidades a travésde

la Diversidad, el Desarrollo del Liderazgo, la Inclusión y el Arte.


Creating awareness of the existence of people who are of Afro-Latino heritage by

honoring our rich and diverse cultures. 

Educating and uniting our communities through Diversity, Leadership Development, Inclusion and the Arts.

I = Identifying Oneself     S = Social Issues     B = Building Character     L = Leadership Development


2020!! What a year this has been for us All. Many people dying from the Coronavirus (especially in the African-American communities), having to quarantine for several weeks, the economy hitting a low, causing unemployment for millions of people. If that’s not enough, Black men and women continue being murdered in the hands of a few corrupt individuals in law enforcement. My heart is full!

Today, the International Society of Black Latinos stand in solidarity with the family of Mr. George Floyd and the many families of African-American men and women whose lives were stolen prematurely.

The death of Mr. Floyd has opened the eyes of our nation and is now a page in history that will never be forgotten. How we decide to move forward will be the turning point for us Blacks in America.

Educating and Uniting Our Communities is the work of the International Society of Black Latinos. Our goal is to not only bring awareness of the Afro-Latinos, but reach our youth, particularly (but not limited to), our high-risk populations in the inner cities, through workshops and seminars, in local schools and business, that reinforce the importance of building a stronger and unified community. Our emphasis is on academia, self-awareness, social acceptance (tolerance), character building, cultural and artistic enrichment, and leadership development.

Having walked alongside many protesters this week, I am proud and optimistic to see the power of the youth and the direction they will take this country moving forward. It is up to us to mentor them. I know racism will never go away, but I am hopeful that equality will find its place in our nation. Now that the curtains have been pulled wide open for the world to see the injustice, we as Black people have endured for so many years, it can no longer be ignored. This is a Movement. We must vote…It is vital!

For many of us that came from other countries, we now live here and call the United States home. We are all Americans. Working together, we will make a difference. I have Faith!

Juanita Palacios-Sims

Founder, International Society of Black Latinos



Past Sponsors and Contributors

Aids Healthcare Foundation, Beyond Cuba Travel, Black Leadership Aids Crisis Coalition, City National Bank, LOUD, Marimar Travel & Tours, Toyota, and US Bank.  The offices of Congressmember Karen Bass, 37th District California, Councilmember Curren Price, Jr. the New 9th District, Herb J. Wesson , Jr., President, Los Angeles City Council, Councilmember, 10th District and Councilmember, Former Los Angeles City Councilmember Jan Perry, A-Man, STEM, Nesly’s Floral Design and Events, SuiteEvents, Lets.Give, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Costco, Ralph’s Groceries, Domino Pizza Van Nuys, Mixed Chicks, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Alma del Barrio, Jamba Jusice, and Noah’s Bagels.


27 thoughts on “Home

  1. Una persona afrolatina es alguien que tiene sangre negra y latina(española) o alguien que descende de africanos en America Latina?

  2. Querida y admirada Juanita,
    Le quiero dar las gracias por el reconocimiemto tan importante que me hizo.
    Muchas gracias por su gran trabajo y direccion para ISBL. Su trabajo es muy necesario para nuestra comunidad y su juventud.
    La felicito!
    Que Dios continue bendiciendo todos los aspectos de su vida!!!

    Justo Almario

  3. Juanita Palacios-Sims, what an amazing, fun, classy and super prestigious event! Thank you so much for honoring me and making my mother and I so welcomed. May God continue to grant you grace and favor in all you do! Norka T. Regalado.

  4. Un afrolatino es una persona que nacio en un pais de Latinoamerica y cuyos ancestros son originarios de Africa. Los afrolatinos hablamos español y en algunos casos, ademas algun dialecto de la region. Saludos!

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