About Us

eve_after_apple_for_website_useOur Vision

Educating and Uniting our Communities through Cultural Awareness and Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership Development.

Our Mission

The mission of the International Society of Black Latinos (ISBL) is to educate the local and broader communities of the existence of Afro-Latinos and the influence that the African Diaspora has had and continues to have on the Latin cultures around the world. Our secondary goal is to reach our communities and youth, particularly, but not limited to, our high risk populations in the inner cities, through workshops and seminars, in local schools and businesses, that reinforce the importance of building a stronger and unified community. Our emphasis is on academia, self-awareness, social acceptance (tolerance), character building, cultural and artistic enrichment and leadership development.

Our Story

The International Society of Black Latinos (ISBL) was an idea without a name, or a home, for many years. It all started with a group of close friends in Los Angeles who bonded over their experiences as Latinos of African descent in the U.S. Though they came from different countries, they were bound by their cultural similarities and the many anecdotes they shared that highlighted just how invisible the Afro-Latino community is in the United States and abroad. Finally, Juanita Palacios-Sims took it upon herself to realize the idea that had yet to take form. Juanita invited friends, and friends of friends, to her home on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) for what would turn out to be the first meeting of the International Society of Black Latinos. Over the next several months more meetings followed, the group grew, and ISBL officially became an organization made up of Afro-Latinos and others who supported the group’s vision and mission.

Our Work

  • Provide art and cultural education to youth from elementary school to university age students
  • Garner unity and collaboration in our communities through artistic, educational, and social service programs
  • Promote dialogue by creating a neutral and safe environment in schools settings
  • Showcase cultural events that feature the African influence on the Latin-American culture
  • Sponsor events like concerts, art exhibits and educational programs that are accessible to all communities, especially those that are higher risk or underprivileged

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am impressed, and excited about your vision, work, and our story. How can I be a part of
    this awareness ? Pls. view my page, “Cuba en Color” on Facebook. thx

  2. I am totalky impressed with the mission and goals of the organization and I wish to have further knowledge on participating in the organization. I am a salsa singer, performer, composer and band leader living in Chino Hills.
    Please forward membership information if any, I am also offering my service to the organization.

    Best Regards

    Phil R

  3. There’s a whole lot more to all the information that I just read concerning this most excellent and most important awareness that we so-cal Negroes and Latinos of Indian descent NEED TO KNOW. We have the greatest history that we never been told for the last four -five hundred years. If you just give us an opportunity to prove it without a shadow of a doubt that we are the greatest people that God ever created on earth! John 8:32. PLEASE REACH OUT. Tazarah

  4. Big ups to your organization and the progress you’re making in terms of cultural awareness. I’m married to a Black Latina for many years, and I know the challenges she’s faced. Keep up the good work. 👍

  5. I am so glad I recently heard of your organization. I am an Afro-Puerto Rican novelist and I write historical fiction about the experience of our ancesters in th 19th and 20th centuries from capture in West Africa to colonial Puerto Rico to immigration to the US in mid 1950s. The first two books in the series have been published and I am working on book three. It sounds like your organization can offer a tremendous service to our community and I am looking forward to exploring your future programming. Thanks again for a much needed educational, artistic and historical exchange of ideas.

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