Lesbia Ross


Lesbia Ross was born and raised in Panama City Panama for eighteen years. I can honestly state that living in Panama was my most beautiful experience. Panamanians are fun loving and parties are a national pastime. We have a predilection for beauty and elegance, visible in many ways from the beautiful folkloric costume outfits, call “polleras” and the hand make “molas” by the Indians named Kunas. During the eighteen years that I lived in Panama, I received my education and acquired my High School diploma in the National Institute of Panama, City Panama.
Today, after 31 years in this Country, I truly feel blessed to have had so many wonderful experiences and to have had the opportunity to accomplish many goals. They included qualifying for and securing employment with the County of Los Angeles, employment that I have had now for nearly 21 years; and earning a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I have three beautiful daughters and I am happily married to a wonderful man. However, despite my many blessings, I never lost-hold of my Latino culture and roots of which I am truly proud.
Presently, I enthusiastically participate in various organizations and enjoy the feeling of giving back to organizations that help black people, including African Americans and now Afro-Latinos. As I recently became a member of the International Society of Black Latinos (ISBL), I look forward to working with and helping individuals who are like me. This includes educating people of various cultures and impressing upon them that-yes Afro-Latinos have a very storied and rich culture, which descends from many generations and which truly needs to be shared with everyone.

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